Where to Go during the Semester Break?

Suggestions for the Semester Holiday - Where to Go during the Semester Break?

Everyone wants to plan something small, especially for the half term holiday, which is one of the holidays that children look forward to. 
Since the time is short in such holidays, which are planned according to availability and possibilities, it is important to have a productive holiday period. 
In addition, making a holiday arrangement for children rather than our own pleasure is one of the most important details. 
For this reason, the place to go should be thoroughly researched and decided accordingly. 
We have compiled holiday routes for millions of parents and students who have not yet made a holiday plan for you. 
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How is the semester break evaluated?
We know that we have a short time for this holiday, which we call the semester, also known as the semester. 
In addition, we should make our holiday plans in this direction in this period when the weather is cold and often snowy. 
For example, if you live in Istanbul and want to have a holiday in the same city or in the neighboring cities, this can be a good choice. 
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Places to go during the semester break
During the semester holidays, there are places where both families and especially children can spend time with pleasure. 
Places suitable for children will also ensure that your children are discharged and have fun. 
Some of the regions that we can define as worth a visit are as follows;

It will attract the attention of your child and you, especially with its silence and extraordinary structures. 
Even the 2-3 day holidays you will spend here will be quite productive. 
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Abant will be one of the best choices for those who say, "I want to go somewhere close to Istanbul." 
In this region, you can enjoy a warm family atmosphere with your children.

Uludağ is one of the first regions that come to mind, especially if you want a fun and active holiday. 
You can learn a certain level of skiing in a short time in this region. Uludağ is one of the most ideal for a holiday where your children will want to have fun by skiing again and again and will not understand how time passes. 
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One of the regions that comes to mind when winter and snow are mentioned is Kartalkaya.
Due to its proximity to Istanbul, you can go with vipupp.com.tr and it stands out as an ideal place especially for children who will just start skiing due to its baby track, making Kartalkaya less crowded than other ski resorts.  
You can have a great time in the region where there are many activities, and you can do more activities with your child than ever before.

Did you know that there are miniature copies of all important works of Turkey in Miniatürk on the shores of the Golden Horn in Istanbul? 
It also has a large beautiful park. This park in the shape of a Trojan horse is one of the places that children love. 
Activities such as helicopter simulation, control boat and chess can also be done.
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