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Uludag Sky Resort Vip Transfer Services 

Uludag is a mountain within the borders of Bursa province, with an altitude of 2,543 m, which is Turkey's largest winter and nature sports center. Uludag; It is the highest mountain of the Marmara Region. Extending in the northwest-southeast direction, Uludağ reaches 40 km in length.
There are traces of ancient glaciers on the high parts of Uludağ. Vipupp.com Aynalıgöl, Karagöl and Kilimligöl glacial lakes to the north of Karatepe are the most important of these traces. The white snow piles of these lakes add beauty to the beauty of these lakes. There are permanent snow layers in the northern bowl below Uludağ Tepe (2543 m), which is the summit of Uludağ. Uludag, which is the lowest permanent snow mountain in Turkey, was called Olympos until the Ottoman period, and Keşiş Dağ and Ruhban-ı Cebel during the Ottoman period; It took its current name in 1925. Its area is 12,762 hectares. Uludağ, which is 50 km away from the Marmara Sea, was declared a National Park in 1961.
Uludag, Turkey's most rooted winter tourism and sports center, is visited by 1 million people annually. It was registered as a First Degree Natural Protected Area in 2006.

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