Istanbul-Sultanahmet VIP Transfer

Istanbul-Sultanahmet VIP Transfer

The always crowded Blue Mosque, which gives its name to the historical district of Istanbul, is at the top of the "must see places in Istanbul" lists.
There are many historical mosques in our country. These mosques, which are visited by tourists with interest, also contribute significantly to the country's tourism income.
Sultan Ahmet Mosque is one of the most famous and historical mosques in Turkey. This place of worship, which is among the places that everyone who comes to the city must visit, also attracts the attention of local tourists.
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Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a mosque that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. It was built with the Ottoman architectural style. It is one of the largest mosques in Turkey.
Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a mosque on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was taken under protection by UNESCO in 1985 and added to the World Heritage List. The Sultan Ahmet Mosque is among the largest mosques in the city where it is located.
In the courtyard of the mosque, there are not only places of worship, but also places such as baths, tombs and darişşüfa. Sultan Ahmet Mosque is among the most important works with its construction architecture. In addition, the decorations used in the mosque distinguish the mosque from other places of worship.
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Where is Sultan Ahmet Mosque and How to Go?
Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a mosque located in the Fatih district of Istanbul. It is located in the Sultan Ahmet district of Fatih district.
The district got its name from the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is located here. Although there are many alternative ways to come to the Blue Mosque, vipupp.com.tr vip Tranfer takes you from every region in Istanbul and provides a safe travel in the form of vip transfer or daily tour.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque History:

The Sultan Ahmet Mosque started to be built in October 1609 and took approximately 8 years to build. The construction of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque was completed in 1617.
After its construction, it had a length of approximately 45 meters. The Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which was formed by the combination of the features of the Ottoman mosque architecture and the features of the Byzantine architecture, started to be built during the reign of Ahmed I.
After its construction was completed, European nations named this mosque the "Blue Mosque". Especially after the Hagia Sophia mosque was converted into a museum in 1935, it became the largest mosque in Istanbul.
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Sultan Ahmet Mosque Features:

 - The mosque is exactly 45 meters long.

 - Sultan Ahmet Mosque has 6 minarets.

 - The height of the central dome is 43 meters.

 - It is Turkey's first mosque with six minarets.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque Story:
1. Ahmed wanted the minarets to be made of gold and conveyed this request to the architect Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa.
Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa mistakenly perceived this gold request as six and had the minarets built in six shapes.

Who is the Architect of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque? Who Made it?
Sultan Ahmet Mosque is a mosque built by the order of Ahmed I during the Ottoman Empire period. The architect of this historical mosque is Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa.
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Things to Know Before Coming to the Blue Mosque:

– Dressing-Clothing: Since this religious building is open to worship, it is requested to pay attention to the clothes as a respect for spiritual values ​​and the people praying inside. In other words, it is necessary to dress in accordance with the rules specified both inside the mosque and in its garden.
In the cabin at the entrance, a one-piece dress made of a fabric resembling a hasema is given. At the end of the visit, you return the clothes to the same cabinet.

Silence: The places of worship and visitation are separated, but since the worshipers are not wanted to be affected by the noise, speaking silently is one of the specified rules.

Long Queues: Entry to the mosque is free. For this reason, this place gets very crowded during the periods when the weather is warm and the tourist farms are busy. You may even encounter long queues at the entrance.

Shopping: In addition to the mosque itself, you can stop by the Arasta Bazaar in the same complex. This place is to the east of the mosque. Especially if you have come from afar and want to buy souvenirs or souvenirs, this bazaar is quite suitable.
There are large and small options such as products from Turkish handicrafts, tiles, woven carpets.
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If You Get Hungry While Wandering In Sultanahmet:
_ You can taste Ottoman dishes such as Sultanahmet Meatballs, Paper Kebab, Palace Stew. There are also options such as kebab and pide.

When you come to the historical peninsula, you should definitely consider visiting these places:

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Hagia Sophia – One of the most impressive structures in the world.
Grand Bazaar – The world's largest historical covered bazaar with 21 gates. The place where the pulse of the country's economy is kept.
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