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The population of Beyoğlu, Taksim is 230,526 in 2018. This population consists of 118,273 men and 112,253 women. As a percentage: 51,31% are men, 48,69% are women. Taksim Square, located in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, is one of the most famous spots in the city of Istanbul. It is one of the biggest tourist attraction centers of Istanbul with restaurants, shops, hotels, entertainment and cultural places around it. Today, Beyoğlu district is a settlement consisting of 45 neighborhoods and a settled population of approximately 225 thousand. Due to the fact that it is a business, entertainment and cultural center, the day and night population within the borders of this district reaches several million. According to some, Beyoğlu is the region stretching from Karaköy to Taksim. According to some, it consists of a section extending from Tünel Square to Taksim. Vipupp.com Today, Beyoğlu district of Istanbul province; It covers the area between the west of Kasımpaşa valley to the north of the Golden Horn and the Dolmabahçe (Gazhane) valley, bordering Şişli and Beşiktaş districts. However, among the people, the name Beyoğlu is used for Istiklal Street and its surroundings, which is one of the important cultural, entertainment and business centers of the city and which connects Galatasaray to Taksim Square. In this section, which was not a settlement area during the Byzantine period; They were called Peran Vineyards, originating from Pera, which means opposite side. In the last century, especially foreigners used the name Pera instead of Beyoğlu. The Turks, on the other hand, called Pera Beyoğlu and meant a wider area. There are various rumors about the emergence of the name Beyoğlu.

Beyoğlu, whose real name is Pera, is known as a place where non-Muslims are in the majority. Therefore, Beyoğlu has emerged with a separate identity and has always remained as the opposite side of Istanbul. With the different types of people and places it hosts, the city is perhaps the face of Turkey facing the West. However, this structure has changed after the 1940s.
In his Rhapsody of Beyoğlu, Ahmet Ümit deals with what happened in the axis of change. The author, questioning the new situation of the district within the framework of the conceptualization of 'the suburban Beyoğlu', overshadows the idea that the cultural texture of the place is lost as the old identity of the place is ignored. In our study, we will examine the negative change and its consequences in Beyoğlu within the framework of the concept of space.

Beyoğlu, whose real name is Pera, is known as a place where non-Muslims are in the majority. Therefore, Beyoğlu has emerged with a separate identity and has always remained as the opposite side of Istanbul. With the different types of people and places it hosts, the city is perhaps the face of Turkey facing the West. However, this structure changes after the 1940s. In the Rhapsody of Ahmet Ümit Beyoğlu, he deals with what happened in the axis of this change. It dominates the idea that the cultural texture is lost as its identity is ignored.

Taksim Beyoğlu is the region where hotels are concentrated.
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Taksim Square, located in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, is one of the most important and popular spots in the city. The square is especially frequented by tourists. Taksim Square, which is a very rich region with its hotels, shopping venues and entertainment venues, became a square in the Republic Period.
The name of this famous square of Istanbul comes from the maksem established to divide the water. Maksem was built by Mahmut I between 1732 and 1833. Along with Taksim Maksemi, the water resources in Belgrad Forests were distributed via the transmission line, thanks to the Levent-Mecidiyeköy line. Today, Taksim Maksemi is in a dry state.
In 2013, the traffic in the square was closed and pedestrianized. The history of this famous square of Istanbul from past to present.

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