Today, we will talk about how to use the Vipupp application and what should be considered. Vipupp, as we know, is a vehicle vip travel application. By calling a vehicle from the application, we can travel not only within the city but also outside the city. So, let's talk about how to do all these operations quickly with a few clicks.


 First, we need to download the 'VIPUPP' application from the mobile application store of our phone . Right after downloading the application, we need to create a profile record in the system. We are asked for our phone number without a leading zero (0) as the username. When we set our password and enter the verification code sent to our phone, we are now fully registered members of the Vipupp application. Now that our membership is complete, we can travel using the app. So how are we going to do this, let's get there right away.


 VIPUPP is indeed a mobile application with a simple and user-friendly interface. In the first place, we need to choose the starting point of our trip. To begin with, we can choose our location or any other point we want. Then we choose our end point and now we can request a trip instantly. After creating a route in the application, we see 3 different segments. I have to decide whether I want to travel with a VITO, a PASSENGER vehicle or a SPRINTER. After making my choice; I see my distance in km and the price I have to pay transparently. I do not pay any extra fees. Then I choose the payment method, if I want with a credit card, I can make the payment immediately before the journey starts (it is a very good method for our guests) or I can pay directly to the driver in cash.


When I create a call instantly, calls are made to the drivers close to me one by one, and if there is a driver who accepts the job, I will be informed on the screen. I immediately call the driver and ask how many minutes away it is and describe my exact location. Then the driver comes and I enjoy my pleasant journey. At the end of the trip, I can rate the driver and help the app improve.